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Simply Put, Work Flow brings yoga to you. Achieve balance in your office and fresh perspective in your meetings, team building events & retreats. Work Flow proudly serves greater Cincinnati.
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It’s Time to Stop Wearing Exhaustion Like a Status Symbol




Examples of Our Unique Class Offerings Include:



Option #1: 30-Minute Recharge


We’d all love to change into comfy pants and settle onto our mat for an hour-long yoga session but let’s face it, on most days time is limited and the clients/emails/calls keep coming!

Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits of a complete yoga practice designed to fit into any space and the busiest schedules. No need change your clothes or get down on the floor.  A certified Work Flow Yoga teacher will guide your team through a comprehensive half hour of movement, breathing and meditation.  Stretches and yoga poses (asanas) improve balance, flexibility and help release tension.  Conscious breathing techniques help to quiet the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.  We close the session with a guided meditation allowing you to return to your day with renewed clarity, focus and energy.

        • Time Investment:  30 Minutes  ≈ Going out for coffee
        • Sweat Factor:  1. Come as you are – stay in your work clothes.
        • For Best Results:  1-2x / week
        • Group Size:  1-100; depends on space (we can visit and help figure that out)
        • Mantra: There is no such thing as too little yoga.


Option #2:  60 Minute Asana Class


The benefits of yoga are like compound interest; gains accrue over years and even decades.

Yoga asanas are the physical poses most commonly associated with yoga in the west. This 60 minute class will closely resemble those found in a traditional yoga studio, complete with props (blocks & belts) and music.  Classes include a gentle warm-up, breathing techniques, yoga sequence and final relaxation – all designed to help reduce stress and tension. All classes are accessible for all levels, no prior yoga experience necessary.

            • Time Investment:  60 minutes ≈ Stepping out for lunch
            • Sweat Factor:  2.  Change your clothes & grab a mat.
            • For Best Results:  1-2x / week
            • Group Size:  Up to 12 or as many as space allows (we can visit and help figure that out)
            • Mantra:  Flexibility is a talent; adaptability is a life skill.


Option #3:  5-Minute Reboot


Stretching, mindfulness, being present, breathing deeply … these things aren’t hard but remembering to do them certainly can be!

Imagine a stressful day in the office; you haven’t taken your eyes off the screen or stood up in hours.   Now imagine a WFY yoga instructor arrives to guide you through a rejuvenating 3-5 minute break inviting you to stand up, stretch and breathe deeply. Minutes later we are on to the next desk/office/cubicle while you return to your day with new found focus and energy.  Think of the 5-Minute Reboot as pop up yoga studio in your cubicle. For those with little space and even less time – we’ve got you covered!

      • Time Investment: 3-5 Minutes ≈ One YouTube video
      • Sweat Factor:  0.  You don’t need to leave your desk/office/station/cubicle.
      • For Best Results:  1-2x / week
      • Group Size:  Your entire office.
      • Mantra:  There is enough time.






Together We’ll Bring Balance, Ease, Creativity & Relaxation to You and Your Team.







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